July 1, 2015 by KarenStanley

Does Living in Miami Pressure you to Get Breast Implants?

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Size C Breast Implants

Breast augmentation has become the most popular form of plastic surgery over the past few years. Especially with shows like Botched and the increase of plastic surgeons in the news, it is far more “in the norm” to get plastic surgery than it was years ago. The reason I bring this up is because I do a lot of patient consultations and I wanted to touch on a very important topic.

This was an interesting question I received via email just a few days ago. Often times I get patients who are interested in a breast augmentation, and when I ask them why they are doing it, they have trouble answering the question. Some patients feel they need to go bigger simply to fit in clothes better, and others just would like to have a bigger bust to help them psychologically with their insecurities.

Most recently during one of my consultations, I had a very interesting answer to my question. The patient answered “Because everywhere I go, I have the smallest breasts in Miami.” Clearly she had been a victim of her environment. She had C Cup breasts, which rarely anyone likes to go bigger. Majority of breast augmentation patients want to move from an A/B to C/D but rarely do you see a woman with a C cup trying to go larger. The thing is, it’s very common for people to feel this way, it’s why the cost of breast implants has gone up in Miami.

This is the topic I wanted to touch on; you can’t be a victim of your environment and jump to a decision on getting plastic surgery just because you don’t feel that you fit in. Miami is a beautiful place and women are constantly in there swim wear, so looking great year-round is something very common in places like that. However, getting a breast augmentation should be something that you want, not something that you need.

It’s not great to look at the people around you, but rather look at the mirror and make sure you are happy with what you see. If you feel that you look great, there is no need to feel pressured because other women may have bigger breasts than you.

While I do provide as much advice and guidance as possible, ultimately it’s the patient’s decision. It is up to them to decide if they want plastic surgery or not. At the end of the day, you have to do what makes you happy. If a bigger bust line is something that will make you live your life happier, then by all means go for it. However, don’t ever get plastic surgery to please others, get it only to please yourself.

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