June 4, 2015 by KarenStanley

How to Shop For Clothes After Breast Augmentation

Having breast augmentation surgery is a huge step. Although it is very exciting to discover your brand new body, it can mean buying a completely revamped wardrobe. You may not be able to wait to rush to the stores to try on clothes that you would never have been able to wear before, but before you do, there are some things that you need to bear in mind.

Don’t Rush In

You may want to begin shopping for your new wardrobe as soon as possible after surgery, but it is wise to wait until your surgeon gives you the go ahead before you start spending large sums of money on new clothing. Dr. Placik of BreastEnlargementChicago.com states, “At first you will experience a considerable amount of swelling, so the size that you are shortly after your operation will not necessarily remain the same after a few weeks.” He suggests that you use his find your perfect breast size calculator to help you determine the size of your breast post-operation.

It is best to buy a few cheap items to use as a stop gap while the swelling subsides and your breasts settle into their final position. Your surgeon will be able to advise as to when the time has come to start shopping for your brand new final wardrobe.


Remember that after breast augmentation surgery, you will require a larger size than you wore before. If you wear a lot of shirts and blouses, you may find that you will need to go up one or two sizes to accommodate your new larger breasts.


Styles that may have flattered you before when you had a small chest may no longer look so good. High necked tops and polo necks may be a no-no now that you have a more ample bosom. Shirts that you may have worn with several buttons unfastened may no longer look appropriate, especially if you plan to wear them to work or professional engagements. You may need to consider the necklines that you wear on stretchy tops, for example V necks or scoop necks, as they may give the wrong impression if they are too low cut and show too much cleavage. In short, you may require an entirely new style makeover.


After surgery, it is important to wear the right kind of underwear to ensure that your breasts are not overly supported. Wearing restrictive bras may interfere with the settling process of your breasts after the operation. Your surgeon will be able to advise as to when the time has come to buy more supportive underwear. Once you have received the go-ahead, make sure to go for a proper bra fitting appointment to make sure that you are wearing the right size. You may even choose bras from a special post augmentation surgery range. Wearing strapless bras after breast enlargement operations may be more difficult as they often lack the support necessary for a bigger chest. They may also make the breasts look lumpy or uncomfortable, spoiling the line of clothing. There are strapless bras available for larger chested women, however you may need to seek out a specialist retailer.